Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Seacar?

A Sea Car is a talking car that provides a custom tablet-driven narrated tour of one of the most beautiful scenic drives in the world. The car will point out landmarks along the way - from breath-taking vistas to historical buildings.

What is the minimum age for the passenger.

Children must be at least 4 years of age.

Do I need to wear a helmet?

Yes, and helmets are provided free of charge.

Can I stop along the way?

Yes! The narration will pause and resume when you continue.

Can I go off-road?

No, the cars must stay on the road at all times. It is not a dune buggy.

How far does it go on a tank of fuel?

The cars have about a 90 mile range - more than enough for your tour.

Can I extend my tour after I have started it?

Yes! As long as we have availability, simply choose the tour you would like to do with the on board narration device.

Can I choose to ignore the tour and go my own way?

No, you must stay on the scheduled tours.

What is the minimium age to drive the car?

You must be 21 or over with a valid driver's license.

Can I drive on the Freeway?

No, you may only drive on roads posted max 45 mph.